Friday, July 3, 2009

Gnats Begone!

When I did my "Battling Bugs in Central Illinois" post back in May, I never dreamed it would get so many hits on google's search engine. According to my Feedjit, almost every day people searching for bug remedies are landing on that blog post like the gnats that swarm to people and keep them from enjoying the great outdoors. Of course, I welcome the extra traffic and hope I have provided some answers that people are seeking.

Now I have more to share about battling bugs. It's hard to believe that I am still getting hits from people searching for a remedy for the annoying buffalo gnats that are bothering us as even as the fourth of July approaches. It's almost as if nothing helps, but don't give up just yet!

It's easy to find a good mosquito repellent, since so many products are made specifically to keep the mosquitoes away. Unfortunately these products do not deter the pesky swarms of buffalo gnats, whose bites will leave painful itchy bumps and welts.

With all of the excessive rain this year, the Midwest has been hit especially hard with swarms of gnats and bugs, and has led to people trying
unusual remedies. If you read my blog post in May about unusual remedies and none of them worked, then you might want to try a little-known remedy that I have recently discovered.

I have found Absorbine Jr to be very effective to knock out gnats! It seems that the herbal scent of Absorbine Jr is something that the gnats don't like. The gnats seem to love biting the back of your neck. Not only does Absorbine Jr feel good on the back of the neck, but it has kept the gnats from biting. It also seems to relieve the itch from gnats and mosquito bites that you already have.

This year as I sit in my back yard and watch the fireworks from a distance, I will be using Absorbine Jr to keep the gnats away. If these bugs are bothering you, then you too might want to try this unusual remedy--that is, if you can find the product in stores. If your favorite store is out of it, you now know why! If you do go shopping for Absorbine Jr, click here for a
coupon and save a buck!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Don't let those annoying bugs keep you from enjoying the holiday!

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Rae said...

Maybe you could become the next Jared of Subway fame, except you would be the John of Absorbine Jr - pitching the bug product that kept all those Illinois gnats away and making big money while at it.

John said...

@Rae, hey, I'm up for that! Maybe I could be the next Billy Mays and start with Absorbine Jr. LOL!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Fourth John and John Abuzz's readers!!!

I don't think we'll be sitting outside watching any's raining, and will be raining all day and thunderstorms tonight. Sheesh.

But, thanks to much for the heads up on the Absorbine Jr.! It drives me crazy when I can't sit outside in the summer. I'm cooped up inside all winter and most of the early Spring, I need to get out when I can!

John said...

@Mary Ellen, Happy 4th to you too, and the whole family. I was just getting ready to make a 4th of July post.

It's raining here too, so I don't expect fireworks here either. No wonder Springfield and so many other cities had fireworks last night!

If it weren't for so much rain, we wouldn't have such a gnat problem this late in the year. If you have the buffalo gnats, try that Absorbine Jr!

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