Thursday, April 2, 2009

First look at the hilarious Bruno

Head on over to THE Sun (click the title link) for the first trailer from what is sure to be the most outrageous movie of the year - Bruno, which comes out (no pun intended) this July.

And from the way it looks, SACHA BARON COHEN's follow up to Borat is ready to shock. In fact, I was going to post the trailer here (it is on youtube also), but my blog is not an adult only oriented blog and I don't want copyright infringement! The movie will be rated NC-17.

So what are you waiting for!? Go check out the trailer! You know you want to!

(photo from Creative Commons)

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ReRe said...

so i had never heard of bruno until your post, but i have found him and have spent too much time laughing at hilarious clips of this character. i think you should come to oklahoma so we can go see this together!

John said...

You must've seen all those different clips at youtube! And to think the whole movie is pranks that he pulled on everyone HaHa! (The same way he made Borat).

Sacha had an HBO show called "Da Ali G" and Borat and Bruno were 2 characters he portrayed, and also a might be on dvd now, if you're interested.

Wow that would be so fun to see that movie with you, but you know I drove to OK City once and it took 12 hours! I was driving to Vegas and wanted to make it to the 1/2 point of Amarillo, TX, but by OK City, I was so tired! Anyway we would laugh so much, they would ask us to be quiet or leave!!!

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