Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Karaoke Bar Leaves Many Uneasy

The Elbo Room Bar in Peoria, located at 631 W Main St, Peoria recently had the message "We are NOT a Gay Bar!! We are a Karaoke Bar!!! 7 Nights a Week. Diesel is down the street" posted on a lit sign in the bar.

This message can easily be read to mean that they aren't interested in having gay and lesbian customers. No matter what the bar says they meant by this message, it's certainly offensive to gays and lesbians who may enjoy the bar. Apparently they would prefer that gays and lesbians head on down the street to Diesel, which IS welcoming to gay, lesbian AND straight customers.

For more on this story, click on the title link.

Find out more details and links to news video on two tv channels and a planned peaceful rally against this inequality to be held this Friday at the new central Illinois website OutandAboutIllinois.

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HalfCrazy said...

First time I have read it, I thought they were just pissed off because people maybe kept gossiping about their bar being full of gays which one must avoid or something, maybe they thought it was bad for business!

But you're right, whatever they said, it was pretty offending, they would probably lose customers. Adding "Diesel is down the street" is probably saying that gays should be there. I don't know.

John said...

I didn't mean that post to sound like I wrote it. I was working late last night and while doing computer maintenance on the server, I checked my email on another client and got that info in an emailed newsletter.

It was timely, and local, and mostly very strange, rude, etc...not something that you would normally see. This whole region (central Illinois) is rather conservative, but in general people here are at least tolerant.

There is much more to the story, various versions, and opinions in the two links. I try not to stir the pot too much LOL... but I don't mind putting info. out there for people, in case they want to read further about it.

But yeah, even though, those weren't my words, I would be offended by that sign!

And you're right, the sign means the gay bar is down the street.

Paige said...

i think that once you're in a business like that, you shouldn't be too picky on who your customers are.. Gay, or not gay, they are still customers

travelingman said...

Obviously all of teh gays were coming in and kicking their ass at the karaoke, and they just could not take the competition.

Thanks for posting...sorry I haven't stopped by lately, I have been a bit busy. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am likely to be passing through Peoria, but I would say a BIG thank you, I would prefer the company at a Gay bar to that of those who think they can "sing". Karaoke is one of my pet hates, one of the most diabolical entertainment forms on the planet.


John said...

@Paige, my thoughts exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for leaving a comment.

@travelingman, you are probably right! LOL, I used to bar hop in Peoria back in the day--when I was in my 20's. Now I just go to Peoria for the great airport (free parking, etc) and shows & concerts at the Civic Center. Hey, all is fine here, thanks! I know you've been busy, I read your blog & am happy for you! As always, a big thank the comments!

@Argentum Vulgaris, that is so funny! I avoid karaoke like the plague and have never done that, even though both friends and family have begged me to go our for "karaoke nights." I wonder how many people would really sing in public, if they weren't drinking! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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