Monday, April 6, 2009

Flutter: The New Twitter

Wow! I found this article by Alex Leo on Huffington-Post! Check it out! Sounds good to me!

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has inspired millions of fans, but it has also inspired its fare share of parodies.

First, Samantha Bee took on the microblogging site for the "Daily Show." She explained to Jon Stewart, who "has no f**king idea how Twitter works or why it is," that it offers insight into our most important news makers' least important thoughts and that young people love it according to old people.

Then Current's "SuperNews!" used their season premier to mock the Twittersphere, where all of the site's users float around talking about their mundane lives, communicating with "bit-sized yippidy yap," trying to become Twitterlebrities.

Now Slate has gotten in on the game with their bite-sized mockumentary about a company called Flutter that is one-upping Twitter by reducing their character count from 140 to 26. They are the leading (and only) company in the world of "nanoblogging."


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libhom said...

Tweets bore the crap out of me.

HalfCrazy said...

HAHA LOL this is interesting, sort of silly but fun! It's funny how this is like a parody. Flutter is a great idea but I don't want everything I say to be restricted like for example, a text message LOL. They still have great points, though! And I think Flutter's CEO is kinda cute LOL.

Like text messages, it's annoying to read shortened messages and sort of illiterate stuff LOL. Maybe kids shouldn't try it else they would be confused with the spelling or something LOL!

Thanks for informing and for the video!

John said...

@libhom, I used twitter a few times to follow a news anchor...most of the time for what am I doing would be: I am having a glass of merlot. LOL Anyway I already forgot my twitter log in info and can't fnd where I wrote it down. I think it would be more useful for those people with iphones, blackberries, etc. My phone is so small I don't even like to text...takes me forever!

@HalfCrazy, I thought Flutter was for real, it seems so practical until toward the end of the parody and the girl says she is making an even shorter version with few than 26 characters LOL

Yeah, it is annoying to read something like" w8 4 me, ur n 2 big a hurry," still takes me forever to text that and then I feel stupid abbreviating everything! One of these days I'll have a qwerty keyboard, then look out texters! I'm in no hurry though! My phone does so many other things that most phones don't, I just love it (except it is a little bulky)!

glad u liked the video!

HalfCrazy said...

Haha yeah, that was funny, 26 characters LOL. Everyone would feel so restricted and illiterate LOL. Looks like your phone is top of the line! Mine still sports the same thing and I just abbreviate a couple of words. I can be obsessive compulsive at times LOL.

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