Monday, April 20, 2009

Recommended Blogger's Book

I just got this little book about a week ago and I love it! I'm not going to do a book review, because it is such a short book. Most of the pages are half blank, but the book is loaded with content. Amazon's Editorial Review says:

Tired of filling up your blog with boring posts? Take the next step and get inspired to create something unique. Author Margaret Mason shows you the way with this fun collection of inspirational ideas for your blog. Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog is a unique idea-book for bloggers seeking fun, creative inspiration. Margaret gives writers the prompts they need to describe, imagine, investigate and generate clever posts...

Amazon also has 25 customer reviews. What could I possible have to add? I heard about this book on Plinky a couple of weeks ago. The author was a guest in charge of the plinky prompts for a week, and of course Plinky gave her book a little blurb. It sounded like something I could use. After all I was on Plinky for crying out loud! I think the book is going to really help me add some more interesting and fun blog posts in the future. Every now and then I will throw something that inspired me from this book into my blog.

Please, don't anybody take the book's title seriously. It is really just a "catchy" title. I mean, unless you are micro-blogging short posts that just say something like: I had a grilled cheese and salad, and it was good. Then, sure--no one cares! Please, if you have been blogging about food, do keep it up! I have found some good recipes on blogs and also found out about some great restaurants!

Last Friday many bloggers participated in what is called the weekly town shoot out--a Friday photo blog with different subjects each week. The last one was about native restaurants and food. HalfCrazy at An Ardent Cosmic Journey had a great post about restaurants and food in her city. Be sure and check her blog for links to other participants throughout the world. Follow her blog for details on upcoming town shoot outs.

Remember, don't let this book title scare you. After all, it really should've been called "100 Ideas for your Blog." When you get creative, nothing is too mundane to write about! The Town Shootout participants proved that you most certainly can write an interesting blog post about food!

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Mary Ellen said...

Well....where was that book when I needed it?

I put a new post up on my blog today, stop over and tell me what you think. Keep in mind, I wrote it while on drugs.

Oh...and I will definitely get to the great blog award you passed to me. I will be blogging at least until my knee is healed.

See ya!

John said...

@Mary Ellen, hi! I'm at work, but will check in late and read your latest blog post (looking forward to it).

It's strange how there are so many books out now for bloggers, even Blogging for Dummies LOL I have the Huffington Post book on blogging and it is real good too.

take care

themom said...

I need a book like that. I will have to check it out. BTW - head over to my place...I have an award for you.

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