Friday, April 10, 2009

Update: Elbo Room Owner Responds to Anti-Gay Sign

photo courtesy of Out & About Illinois

Greg Quast, owner of the Elbo Room, sent WMBD 31 News this statement:

"Recently a statement was displayed on a message board in my bar, the Elbo Room, indicating that it was not a gay bar. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for any unrest this has caused the community of Peoria, gay or straight. While I was not responsible for the sign nor was I present when it was posted, as the owner of the bar, I take responsibility and am sincerely sorry. I've addressed the situation with the individuals involved and I assure you this behavior is not tolerated or condoned at my bar. I will do everything I can to make sure nothing like this happens again. The Elbo room is a karaoke bar. There is no sexual orientation attached to that. Anyone and everyone of legal drinking age are welcome. Furthermore, this incident does not reflect my personal views. I have several close friends in the gay community who I have always supported and will continue to support in the future."

Despite the written apology, which some people are questioning who actually wrote it, One World One Equality still held a PEACEFUL Rally at the Elbo Room today. The rally was featured on WMBD Channel 31 news.
Dave Barker of Out & About Illinois stated, "I trust our community appreciates the public apology from Mr. Quast and hope that in the future events such as these do not happen again."

Stephanie Smith Warlow says, "We're not trying to shut anybody down, not trying to deface anybody. Just trying to prove a point that nobody deserves to be discriminated against, whether it be color, sexual orientation, or anything."

If you'd like to join the rally, One World, One Equality is planning to return to the Elbo Room Saturday morning beginning at ten.

Be sure and click the title link to watch Channel 31's video of the rally. (Sorry it couldn't be embedded here, or I would have gladly posted it).

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HalfCrazy said...

It's a great thing they apologized quickly, whoever did the sign is probably facing some major consequences right now. I wonder what Diesel has to say about it and how the whole issue would affect The Elbo Room's business.

John said...

The manager said on the news that the owner wrote the sign. The owner says in the letter that somebody else did (as if he wouldn't know LOL).

A little history...the Elbo Room was purchased in 1965 by this current owner and before that it WAS a "gay bar." HaHa!

I'm sure Diesel is laughing all the way to the bank!

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