Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Spring photos taken around the farm

This is my favorite picture of the day. It is a closeup of flowering branches of one of three Dwarf Apple trees that line my driveway. In the background you can see one of two large apple trees that are flowering with white blooms. The fence is actually across the highway. Click any of the photos for a full page detailed look. Something is hiding in one of the pictures, but you can't see it unless the photo is clicked! Let me know if you find it.

This photo above is another closeup of one of the Dwarf Apple trees along the driveway. The trees are about fifteen foot tall and they will be loaded with apples later in the summer.
The photo above is yet another closeup of the flowering Dwarf Apple trees. I'm not sure of the variety, but I think the blossoms are prettier than the Cherry tree blossoms.

This photo above shows one of the Dwarf Apple trees as seen from the other side of the driveway. On the left is a White Pine tree that we planted in 1994. We have about six of them. This area is part of what I call the pasture area between the barn and the highway in the distance. It could be fenced in (and once was) and used for horses, goats, etc. But for now it is just a lot of mowing!

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Mary Ellen said...

Oh wow! I love the dwarf apple trees and was just telling my husband I would like to put one in the corner of my back yard. The pics are beautiful, John. Thanks!

This morning the biggest cardinal I've ever seen was sitting on top of my patio set, and I wanted to take a pic but if flew away before I could get the camera out. We have a lot of cardinals around my house, but I've never seen one that big before. Maybe it's the sunflower seeds I've been putting out for them since last Spring. They're eatin' good!

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely, lovely! i adore spring though there really is no spring here but i like it when it is summer because that is the time when the flowers i like most bloom. have you seen narra trees flowering?

John said...

@MaryEllen, you are welcome, but thank YOU for the compliments! Glad you enjoyed the pics. I don't know much about the Dwarf Apple trees, because they were already here in '94 when we bought the farm. But they are so pretty right now! I was out again today and figured out why I had 3 pics of the Dwarf Apple trees--they are of 2 different trees, one is bigger than the other.

I love seeing the cardinals too and they love sunflower seeds, so I'm sure they will return for more! I saw a cardinal in the snow earlier this year, but it too flew away before I could get a picture!

@prinsesamusang, Hello! I'm so glad you got to see the pictures, since I remember you commented about the Forsythia. So I was hoping you would get to see these!

No I haven't seen a narra tree before, but I am going to look for one at St.Louis Botanical Gardens may have one. I did find this pic:

of course that is in the Philippines! Those trees look beautiful! Thank you so much for the compliments! take care

Shey said...

Fantastic shots, John! I would love a dwarf apple tree in my backyard too. I adore their blossoms, so delicately mixed with white & pink. They're really so pretty.

John said...

@Shey, thanks so much! That's a real compliment coming from a real shutterbug like you. You have inspired me to take my camera everywhere now. I am such an amateur photographer though, but it's still fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, nice shots, lots of blossom.

You have another award. Pick it up here:


Shey said...

By the way, Salamat for naming my flower shots! I appreciate you for telling me.

My camera is grafted to my hand. hehehe. I'm also an amateur photographer. I just love taking pictures. Thanks for the compliment though. *blush*

Have a happy week!

John said...

@Argentum, thanks and I'm glad you like the photos! Wow, another award, I'm speechless! Thank you so much!

@Shey, You are so welcome for naming the shots. I'm in the florist & greenhouse business for over 20 years, so glad I could help you out. And you're so welcome for compliments on your photography, which is always breathtaking.

themom said...

What lovely scenery you enjoy. the pictures are awesome.

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