Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Cheap Trick Day in the state of Illinois

In honor of Cheap Trick Day in Illinois, here's a classic rock song that is as good today as it was back then. The video and audio has been remastered and is from "Live at Budokan." Enjoy!

It's a day of statewide recognition for one of Rockford's most famous foursomes!

April Fools Day is often filled with cheap tricks and today in Springfield is no different. Last year April first was forever declared Cheap Trick Day in the state of Illinois, and on the first anniversary, Rick Nielson made the trip down to the state capitol to celebrate. The band's lead guitarist toured the capitol building and even demanded the floor in the senate chambers. After tossing a hand full of picks to the state lawmakers.

(Click the title link to watch channel 23's news video of Rick's Springfield visit).

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