Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweden Becomes 5th European Country to Allow Gay Marriage

Hey, could learn a thing or two from Europe....I'm just sayin'!

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden will allow homosexuals to legally marry from May this year after parliament on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly in favor of the move.

The change in the law, which currently allows gay couples to register unions but not formal marriage, comes into force on May 1 this year under the timetable set out in the bill.

Scandinavian countries, known for their liberal attitudes toward gays and lesbians, were among the first countries in Europe to grant same-sex partners the same rights as married couples.

(Click the title link for the rest of the Reuters story).

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Anonymous said...

Hi John, you've got an interesting blog. I've just followed, but my pic hasn't shown, maybe I'll have to do it again.

I believe that it is high time for the word marriage to be stricken from all government statutes, leave that for the church. In todays day and age, marriage from a legal standpoint is redundant. There are more people living in partnerships gay or straight every day on a global basis. Any recognised partnership should be enough to qualify for the current benefits as determined by marriage. From a legal standpoint, once a partnership is registered, then if the people involved want to have a church ceremony to solidify their vows, then okay; but then okay too if they don't.

Marriage, per se, has become outmoded, redundant and esthetically useless with so many people becoming churchless, agnostic or atheists. It makes a mockery of the church, why should I, if I wanted to be so foolish again, have to go to church and lie through my teeth just in order to get married?

Anyway, that's my view.

By your blog, i figure you maybe interested in my blog Tomus Arcanum, you're welcome to visit there.


Haha, the word verification is panifire, as in out of the pan, into the fire. Sometimes these word verifications are appropriate.

Anonymous said...

too bad it's somewhat sun-deprived. Because in so many other ways, Sweden's become quite attractive to me!

HalfCrazy said...

I'm not really 'all good' with same sex marriage but I'm always all for human rights. I know that's hard to understand but glad that they're passing the bill thing.

John said...

Hey thanks everyone for the comments. I really appreciate it!

@Argentum Vulgaris, I like your comment on marriage! Right now in the states marriage is left up t the states, and same sex marriage is legal in two states and a few others have legal civil unions. As far as ceremony for any marriage, it does not have to be at a church. Judges marry people all the time right in their private chambers.

Thanks so much for becoming a follower! I am following your blog too...will have to check out some of your other ones too (I do have a sense of humor LOL).

@Atari Age, Sweden (and other Scandinavian countries) are very attractive to me too...hope to visit there some day! I don't mind the sun deprevation. Just think of the money saved on sunscreen!

@HalfCrazy, it's your generation that will change the world for the better. I have hope that some day we will all have equal rights, and not have rights human rights actually taken away (happened in California with Prop.8). As always, thanks for commenting.

...unfortunately, now I have much work to get done, so must get back to it!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your following John, hope you enjoy my blogs.

I deliberately left out "civil" ceremonies, that's a whole other kettle of fish.

As you can tell, I am a supporter of Gay rights, as I am for other minorities and races. You will see by the colour of some of my kids, I am not at all racist.


kethes said...

yea.. i support u... every people have their own rites...

John said...

@Argentum Vulgaris, thanks for the support! And of course I wouldn't think you are racist, and neither am I. As a matter of fact my grandchildren are bi-racial and they are so beautiful and precious, as you can imagine LOL.

@kethes, thank you so much! The world needs more tolerant people like you!

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