Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Post # 300

It's my 300th post! I wanted to take this opportunity to just throw out some rambling thoughts! First, I want thank everyone, who has visited my blog, especially those that have taken the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate all of you! I love comments and as you probably know, I am one of those bloggers that will take the time to reply to comments. So, thank you again anyone that has ever left a comment!
I also want to thank everyone that has signed up to be a follower. I hope I have returned the favor and followed your blogs as well. If not, just let me know and I will start following your blog.

My biggest thanks though goes to those of you that have Blogrolls and have my blog listed as a link. Thank you so much. I am still in the process of updating my Blogroll. I will be removing those blogs that for whatever reason won't link back to me. I still will list all the blogs that I currently have on my favorite blog list, but they will not be in the form of a link. Only those blogs that link to me will get a link back. I realize many new bloggers don't understand about Blogrolls and the importance of links, so here is a very resourceful link about Blogrolls.

If any of you notice that your blog is not listed on my Blogroll, but you in fact do have a link to mine, please let me know and I will add you.

And to pay tribute to that #300, here's a snippet from a great movie called "300." It is available on dvd for purchase or rental and I highly recommend it. The movie is like no other and in parts of the battles, it almost seems animated. If you have any kind of home theater, hdtv or big screen, than this is a must see movie!.

Thanks again, everyone! And here's to 300 more posts!

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Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Congratulations on #300!!! Since I am a new reader and subscriber, I know I have a lot to look forward to.

I am in agreement with you regarding the links and linking back to others.

I'm thrilled to be added to your links. Thank you! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful week! xo

Allen said...

Congratulations John! Wow 300 of them. I was looking at mine the other day and was happy with 157. You go boy!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Way go to dude! Three hundred is a milestone for sure.

John said...

@Sixpence and a Blue Moon, thanks! I hope I can deliver 300 more...I guess it does get easier though as time goes by. Glad you like!

I hope to start my 2nd blog this week, which is about politics, then this blog will be even more of a personal blog and the new one of course a "niche" blog. I'm not a "writer" though, so the new politics blog will be similiar to this one, just more focused.

Blogger uses the same profile for all your blogs, so I also need to change my actual profile, which I hate to do! I've been playing around with templates too and think I'm going to just stick to something simple.

You have a great week too!

@Allen, thanks! When I started the blog, I quickly got overwhelmed and practically abandoned it! Last November I decided to stick with it and have ever since!

@Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, thanks! Yes that is a milestone for ME. And I made a commitment to continue blogging--I bought two new domain names! Blogger doesn't make it so easy though, UNLESS you buy the domain name through them. I didn't even know they sold them until I tried to set up the forwarding! Hopefully that will be done this week. It's not as simple as you might think--like just typing in the new domain name and clicking save....nope they want 4 dns numbers, CNAME, and more...all of which is not easily found at the cheap place I bought the domain names from!

So anyone that uses blogger and may want a domain name in the future... I recommend going through blogger (they set up the dns #s automatically, etc) to buy it (click publishing from the dashboard and go from there).

Thanks again!

Michael Rivers said...

Congrats on the 300!!! I recently posted my 100th blog. Such a great feeling. Keep up the great work!

Yvette Kelly said...

Hi me again
Congrats on the 300th post.I can't go acording to mine because I have about 25 in draft and that counts as a blog post BUT I have a similar problem with this domain thing.I bought one thru GoDaddy and it's just sitting there.Then I got another one thru blogger and I can't work out how to move over.And then I hear horror stories of losing your ranking and links and some posts so Im sitting tight with my blogspot and my domain sitting tight somewhere in cyberspace....

Larry Ohio said...

Congratulations John! I love the things you write about.

John said...

@Michael_Rivers, thank you! It's always an honor to have a real writer come to my blog!

@Yvette_Kelly, you know I wondered about drafts and these count, because I do have a couple of youtube videos saved in draft. My dashboard count said 300, but I noticed on my archives it fell short by 6 or 7--not sure why. I did delete one post. I think it must count all the drafts and I did delete a couple of drafts and just start over. Oh well, close enough LOL.

Yvette, your scaring me LOL. I don't think you would lose any links. I asked Beth @ Elizabeth's Hot Topics (on my blogroll) about it and she has several blogs and domain names. She didn't think it would affect page rank, etc.

I wonder why you have trouble with you domain name you bought from blogger? They make it sound so easy if you buy it from them.

I also know got his domain name a year or so ago and he just asked everyone to please change their link to the new domain name. If they didn't it would still forward. But anyway he has a page rank of 5 right now. As you know that is outstanding!

You can google and find the page ranking page and find out anyone's page rank. Mine is a 3, which is good, but I want it to be a 4!

You can get more paid offers if your page rank is a 4. I have already made a little $ with things other than adsense. Don't worry people, I will never over do it with the ads. I too hate pop ups and slow loading pages.

By the way, there is also a page you can google for it, that tests your page loading speed compared to others.

I hope you cast your fears aside and go ahead and use your domain name you bought! It may be possible to set up so that both names you bought can be used, after all it is just a forwarding thing.

You could pay to host one of the domain names elsewhere and mainly just use that for a LINK to you blog. You probably know that links contribute to page rank, etc.

If I can't get my own domain set up by next week I am going to call a computer tech and pay to have it done. I wish I had bought it from blogger though! I bought two names and for 2 years each!

@Larry, thank you! I'm glad to hear those things! I like your blog too. I wish I had time to write more original content like you, but I must have absolute silence to do that and around here, that is next to impossible!

Steinar Arason said...

Nice, 300 posts. That's a great database. And good to include to movie 300 :)

themom said...

The clip "300" was a great idea. congrats on #300. You have been clipping right along here. I have an award over at my place for ya!

John said...

@Steinar_Arason, thank you! And I'm glad you liked the "300" movie clip!

@themom, hello! thanks so much! I hope you know you are one of my favorite bloggers--always so timely with everything and so nice to comment here a lot! Ahhh, you didn't have to give me an award! I was so cluttered, that I took the others down, but I won't let you down.

ObviouslyDarren said...

Hi, congratulations on your 300th post, I am knackered already and I have only done 4 posts on my new blog! Your blog looks really intersting and I have added it as a favourite. Good luck with the next 300...

John said...

@ObviouslyDarren, thanks and don't get too knackered! If you look at my archive count, you might notice I was a little knackered in the beginning too. I had been reading a few blogs for years and one blog really stood out for me, so I got many ideas from it and kinda used it as a guide. Take a few ideas from several blogs and it will make it easier than thinking "now what?"

It was hard for me at first to keep up the blog and work, etc. I have more posts this month than I did my entire first year. I haven't worked very much this month though, so that is why. In my job we have busy periods and slow periods and it is definitely slow this summer.

Just email me, if I can ever help you, I will. Don't let your blog bog you down. As long as you add new content at least a few times a week, you should be okay. It is so easy though to let many days slip by without blogging though!

You might also want to consider adding google adsense (you do have total control with it). Earning a little bit of money with it, might be just what you need to stay committed to your blog.

Sorry, I know you didn't ask for any advice!

Don't get discouraged, because you do have a great blog. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog!


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