Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello, Sgt. Crowley, it's the President calling

Hello, Sgt. Crowley, it's the President calling

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This shared link is an article from today's NYDailyNews about the surprise phone call that Sgt. James Crowley received from the President. Sgt. Crowley was sitting in an Irish Pub full of eighty or more people, when he received the unexpected call. They chatted for about five minutes and talked of getting together with Professor Gates for a beer at the White House.
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The Associated Press put this video (which summarizes everything) on YouTube yesterday. Black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. says he will accept President Barack Obama's invitation to visit him at the White House along with the white police officer who arrested the Harvard professor.

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Larry Ohio said...

Poor Obama. I got the same problem he has: when I open my mouth crap coming pouring out.

If he only would have said that both parties acted stupidly, then this would be a non-issue.

At least this is a good lesson for Obama. When answering non-policy questions, less is more.

John said...

@Larry, Exactly! Nobody likes to "open mouth, insert foot," but really we all have done that at least once.

I agree with you that hopefully it is a lesson learned by Obama--less is more when answering non-policy questions--very well put!

I guess it shows he is only human, like the rest of us.

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