Thursday, July 23, 2009

OMER BHATTI - Michael Jackson's first born son?

Michael Jackson - Family Accepted Bhatti As Jackson's Son - Contactmusic News

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MICHAEL JACKSON'S "fourth child" OMER BHATTI was accepted as the star's biological son by the rest of the Jacksons, according to reports. The 25 year-0ld dancer was allegedly born after the King of Pop had a one night stand in 1984, and he is now seeking a DNA test to verify whether Jackson is in fact his father...(click the shared link for the full story and photos).

Here's a video of Omer Bhatti through the years.
That is him circled on the left at the memorial service.

Omer Bhatti: Secret Son of Michael Jackson? - video powered by Metacafe

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Steinar Arason said...

Very nice and informative blog you have here. Good work! And I followed you to keep up with your post.

See you around my friend.

Steinar Arason
"Improve Your Blog"

John said...

@Steinar, thank you for those nice compliments. You too have interesting blogs that I am happy to follow. I especially like the healthyexercise blog... so interesting.

Blonde Goddess said...

I just have a question.....
Why are all of Michael Jackson's kids white?
I mean, they look white.
All of my friends who are in mixed race relationships, involving an African American, have children that look more African American than Caucasian.
I can't help but wonder...

John said...

@Blonde_Goddess, hi! It looks like this new found love child is not white (click the shared link for pics). There is a pic of him and it looks like the "Billy Jean" era of Michael Jackson.

As for the other 3 kids, we know Debbie Rowe (caucasian) is the mother of two and now it assumed that the dermatologist that appeared on Larry King is their biological father. He too is white.

As for little Blanket, it has not yet been leaked who is the biological mother. I believe M.J. said in the Bashir interview that was the father of the youngest child, but he didn't seem very convincing. I have seen tv shows that have morphed all 3 of those kids into the dermatlogist, and it was believeable that he would be the father. Plus he did admit that he had "donated" sperm, but he was very vague about in (on Larry King).

You make a good point that most biracial children tend to look more like African American than Caucasian, but that is not always the case. I think it is the case most of the time though, like 98% of the time...just my opinion though on that.

Anonymous said...

What year was "Billie Jean" recorded? Was that song a true story?!

P.S. Blanket is the most adorable little boy I've ever seen! I wish I could take him home with me. :o(

John said...

@Pwn_Star, hi! I've watching for you lastest post, but believe me I know people get busy. Anyway, that is so funny! I really did NOT even make the connection of me saying "the Billie Jean era" and the actual lyrics LOL! I'm thinking it WAS a true story behind that song. The timing is believeable.

I don't know when M.J. wrote the song , etc, but it was 1983 that it was nominated or won grammys...easy for me to remember, since my daughter was born that year and she is 25 and I think Omer is 25.

If you think about it, several of M.J. song lyrics could be right out of his life, such as "Man in the Mirror, Black or White, etc" And one song on his last cd (sorry don't have it) I heard clips of it played on tv and he sings "Oh no! He's using demerol!"

Long story short, Yes it seems (to me anyway) that Billie Jean is a true story!

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