Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Buzz: Michael Jackson's new song

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Allen said...

I thought it was bad going through Elvis's death, now I have to go through this one too. So now they are going to say things like "he is not dead" or "he was taken up with an alien" ugh. ><

Mary Ellen said...

Well..the song was certainly a rip off but if the original band said it was ok, oh well.

I've never been a big Michael Jackson fan, his music came along at a time when I was busy raising kids and to be honest, it just didn't click with me. His personal life was certainly bizarre, but considering how he was raised (by an abusive father who thought nothing of beating his kids and promoting them for his own gain), I could understand why he was so screwed up.

I'm with Allen...I hope we don't have to go through Michael Jackson sightings.

And speaking of that...have you seen the video that's going around which was an interview that Larry King was doing at Michael Jackson's ranch after he died and in the video there is supposed to be a dark, ghostly form that resembles Michael walking in the private area of the home? I'm not sure how legit it is...but this is the kind of stuff that we'll be hearing about. The guy will never rest in peace.

John said...

@Allen, the same thing happened with Tupac--people thinking he wasn't really dead, since after his death he had a lot of new music released.

When I lived in Las Vegas, my daughter and I met one of the M.J. impersonators and he did look exactly like him...of course that was back when his skin was a little darker.

I can't imagine "Michael sightings" like he "Elvis sightings," since it would be so hard to get that skin tone, but I'm sure somebody will make a buck impersonating him...some really really pale white guy will have to do it.

@Mary_Ellen, I must admit, when I saw a a news clip online about that video, I thought we would hear a new song and not just a few seconds of it. It's almost like "made you look!"

I realize not everyone was a M.J. fan. But hey, I was raising kids during his "Thriller" days too. I had 5 year old and 2 year old step daughters who loved Michael. Of course I may have played a role in their interest, since I already had been playing "Off The Wall" ever since it came out!

Our family sat in amazement and watched him do the moonwalk on tv for the first time. It was quite an exciting time for all of us. We all tried to moonwalk, but none of us could do it!

My wife at the time didn't allow me to play her music (I had her first cassette anyway) or watch slutty Madonna on MTV, but she had no problem with my admiration for Michael AND even Boy George! So the kids and I always played Michael & Boy George Cassettes and sang and danced to them. Isnt' that hilarious!

Yes, I have seen that dark shadowy ghost of Michael video from Larry's interview. It was debunked on Nightline and said to be just a shadow of one of the crew men.

I don't think we'll have too many sightings of Michael...unless LaToya changes her hair. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else with a nose that small.

I am a big M.J. fan, but I didn't buy the last cd, and was disappointed to see him blame the poor sales on Sony being racist. That was pathetic. So, I guess I like his music up until then. If any new releases sound good I will buy them, but if they suck then I won't.

themom said...

That really was a teaser..but when it started I thought it was America's hit also. Hmmm...

John said...

@themom, teaser indeed! Some people will do anything to make a blog post, I mean make aYouTube video!

Beth said...

I was a MJ fan, obviously. He became big during the peek of my teenage life and every girl was madly in love with him. As for look a likes, nobody will be able to do an Elvis impersonation with MJ as easily.

@John, my son and friends still think Tupac is still alive. As for Elvis, who would want to fake their death by being remembered on a toilet with a needle sticking out of their arm. LOL

John said...

@Beth, I hope I didn't say anything too harsh about Michael. I will always love his music and since his death you wouldn't believe how many times I've played the "Bad" cd.

I think it really was one his best albums. "Man in the Mirror" is timeless and "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" on there is such a beautiful song. Problem is--these songs get STUCK in my head! A couple more of his songs get stuck in my head too!

You should tell the kids they can probably see pics of a dead Tupac on (well, maybe not tell them is a gross website).

LMAO about your Elvis comment! After all these years, only you thought of that! WTG!

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