Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Famous Liars

Who's your most despised famous liar?

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John said...

Ok, I will answer this first or be the only one. The biggest and most despised liar in my book is President Richard Nixon. Who can forget him saying "well I am not a crook, blah, blah, blah." I was only ten years old and I knew at that young age that we had a big liar in the White House. And as more and more of his tapes get released, and I hear about them on tv, it just makes my blood boil to hear some of the things he said and to know the many dishonest things he did. What a disgrace he was.

Mary Ellen said...

Well....you KNOW who I would put down, but I won't in deference to those who support him.

Besides him....I guess it would be Santa Claus who took all the credit for those years my parents were putting the presents under the tree. They lying bastard! ;-)

John said...

@Mary_Ellen, You can put him down! I expected you to!

I am going to have to re-word my comment instructions to clarify no bashing of other BLOGGERS, bash away at politicians, hatemongers, etc!

Santa Claus? Really...that big fat liar!

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