Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kittens on the Farm

Taylor the scrawny little cat recently had kittens, and I took this photo of the new Mama Kitty and her three kittens. This silly cat had them right out in the open in the wildflowers. They were at risk from predatory critters and bad weather, so we placed them in an igloo shelter. At first Taylor moved them out of the igloo to the bottom of a brush pile, but she eventually returned them back to the igloo. I'm sure it's very comfortable, since we lined it with a bed of dried mowed grass. I noticed today that the kittens are beginning to open their eyes, so I will take another picture soon. Hopefully we can get Taylor spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned!

Taylor takes a break from the kittens at the edge of the back patio. The bistro chair is surrounded by Moon flowers. I will show some more of the Moon flowers in the future. They have just started to bloom.

The other evening I spotted these two little kittens hunting for food. They are two of four kittens that were born in the barn and are very shy. Now that they are weened, they will sneak up to the back patio in search of food. We have tried to catch the female cat that had these kittens and get her to the vet, but she is practically wild and keeps her distance. Somebody had just dumped her on us and she has been traumatized ever since. I hope we can find all the kittens good homes, because it is not easy to care for so many cats. And it is very hard to catch them. It's also not cheap to get them all spayed and neutered.

Shame on the people who just dump their pets anywhere they see a little farm! Next time leave a little bag of money too, okay? Thanks!

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Howard said...

I hear you on that score. We've never really sought cats on our own, we seem to have a constant flow to the farm - people dropping them off. There is always a period of time for adjustment, and for us to figure the cats out. And, of course, there is the issue that several of the cats dropped off have been declawed, not the best when talking about cats living in the barn.

Mac Callister said...

oh its a common habit in the philippines haha they would throw their cat on someones backyard or lawn to get rid of them haha.

me im not much of a cat person but im into dogs.

have a great weekend..

Allen said...

John, I do know what you mean about them leaving money with them. =o)


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kenju said...

The kittens are so cute and you are angels for taking care of all of them.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Awe! They are so cute! I do not trust people who will abandon an animal. Not sure they have a heart or blood running through their veins. You are a kind person! I'm thrilled to be connected to you. xoxo

John said...

@Howard, I can't tell you the number of times that all of the cats outside were spayed or neutered and then a stray will show up. I guess some are truly strays, but others--especially kittens have been dropped off by people. I would never declaw a cat, and if I found one outside I would bring it inside. I never dreamed people would even drop off a declawed cat--that's just mean.

@Mac_Callister, hello! I never thought people all over the world also drop off unwanted cats on people, especially in cities. I'm sure it happens in cities over here too. We have one dog too, but still love all the cats. You have a great weekend too and thanks for commenting!

@Allen, it would be nice if people would leave some money and a little note's expensive to buy cat food for so many cats!

@HD, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your "compliment." (I think--clever of you to throw that in with your spam). Your comment doesn't even mention my actual topic though and makes me wonder if you aren't just pasting the same generic message all over the place...whatever!

@kenju, thanks for such nice words! The 2 out of 4 kittens I mentioned in the last pic, well 3 are identical to their mother and the other one is solid black! I might have to name it after yours, if it ever calms down. I especially love black cats, but it is the most shy of them all. I saw it out back at 2:00 a.m. looking for food.

We try to make sure there is no leftover food though, because it attracts opossums, ratcoons, etc. Hopefully the little black kitten will eventually learn to eat with the other cats.

@Sixpence_and_a_Blue_Moon, thanks for such kind words! And the feeling is mutual. I'm terrible about trusting people, even when I give kittens away. I won't give them to someone that obviously can barely feed themselves and just want them to kill mice. There's no official screening process, but I think I have a good gut instinct.

At last count (before these kittens) there were 14 cats outside ! About half of them don't even act domesticated, but they know when it's feeding time--before work and after work. Inside I have 4 cats, that stay in all the time (and 3 litter boxes LOL). It's a lot of work caring for them! I have a parrot inside too, it can't talk (except a squawky hello), but it CAN MEOW. It imitates a cat's meow really good!

I never set out to have so many cats, really!

Maria said...

You are wonderful to take in stray cats. The number of pets going to our shelters is overwhelming. With all the foreclosure and lay-offs, pets suffer as much or more than their humans.

The babies are cute and I hope you will be able to find homes for some of them. I know that is difficult.

John said...

@Maria, hi! So nice to hear from you. I never thought about the bad economy, foreclosures, layoffs, etc. contributing to the abandoned pet problem. That only makes me more sympathetic to the animals.

Oh well, if new homes aren't found for the kittens, they will still be welcome here.

I don't know if you noticed my comment about the meowing parrot being in the house with the cats! That's because he isn't messy. The cockatoo; however, is very messy (and spoiled) and has her own room--an enclosed side porch! The cockatoo doesn't meow, but talks constantly and imitates all kinds of sounds, and she even barks. When she barks, it sounds like a little Chihuahua! I thought you'd enjoy a little bird news!

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