Friday, July 24, 2009

If you can't think of anything to TWEET... might like TwttrPoop,
for people who really give a @$%! about Twitter!

Click the link to find out!
You know you want to!

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Jim said...

I may check this out...but I do not want to go through what happened with the sites that are "more followers" sites. Those damn things keep re-tweeting the same things over and over on AUTO tweet!!!
I closed out on any and all of them, but they still pop up from time to time.
I was glad you gave me a heads up on that a couple of weeks back.
I did notice that people I followed and some of my followers are now gone via the spam "sweep" by Twitter that you had mentioned.
I only hope this site you mention in your post isn't a pain in the neck like the others have been.
A lot of deleting of tweets is now required when those stupid AUTO tweets pop up.

John said...

Hi Jim, Its funny how so many people are doing this twitter app, but no I don't think it's anything like the get more followers auto tweet.

Like I said I had that same problem and was starting to get embarrasesed. I think I did also delete or block everyone of those people that were on the checklist. Plus it never really got me more followers, it only did for the person at the top of the list--he probably wrote that twitter app.

I want more twitter followers, since I am on auto twitfeed I think it's called, but I'm not going to spam people anymore with the auto tweet about getting more followers.

Yes, it was hard to get out of that, and it make take several attempts...if so, just keep clicking the url that you tweet and then delete from there and UNCHECK the people listed and delete them from your followers. Don't feel bad, like I said I did it too, plus I did the twitter train! I didn't really pay attention to how I got out of them, but I did!

Anyway You may like tha auto twitter feed for tweeitn your blog posts, it will check for your latest blog post and sent it & a link to twitter. I love that. It doesn't duplicate the tweets either. I did RT one of mine though.

Since I'm not logged in to twitter right now I can't see what it's called, but you can see the name of it on one of my auto tweets and sign up for it to tweet your blog posts. It only does the LATEST one, so if you don't want one on twitter, just do two back to back and it will only auto tweet the last one.

I'll be watching to see if you tweet anything about poop LOL!

kenju said...

I refuse to get on Twitter - I'm already too busy on the computer - but now I have heard everything!!

John said...

@kenju, I can certainly understand that! It's hard enough keeping the blog fresh and reading others, commenting, etc...and then there's facebook, of course!

I signed the shop up a twitter account too to tweet out specials and update people everyday on what was fresh and new, etc. Well, before I even started the twitter campaign at work, I have over 30 florists on there following me! I don't know why, since they are from all over, including Canada. Maybe they are all looking to see how other shops use twitter. Anyway I never wanted any followers that weren't customers

But yeah, the TwttrPoop is a little over the top!

TC said...

Hey, John. I haven't fully gotten geared up with twitter but know it's all the rage. I'm really a little to busy for that now but will keep it mind.

John said...

@TC, I signed up for twitter to promote my business (my regular job) and also a personal twitter account, which I am using to "learn the ropes" first, before I really launch it at work.

I was surprised the the other day to log our store's twitter account and saw so many followers before I had done any marketing to get our customers to it turns out the store has like 50 followes and all but 3 are my peers (like competition, but from all over the country).

So I guess once I can get more locals on the business twitter's followers I can announce to them specials, what's new, etc. I know what you mean though, it does take some time first to get the followers.

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