Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I took the "How Hetero Are You?" Quiz

Stockholm's Pride website has a tool that analyzes how hetero you are based upon what words you use while Twittering.

I'm 88% hetero because I use words like “bitch” and “wow.”

What about you? Sorry, I am not providing any links here (google it).

How Hetero Are You?
You just put in your Twitter name, and it will analyze your feed and tell you how heterosexual you are.
After you take the challenge, it offers you a badge you can paste on your blog or website.
I'll pass on that, but here are my results after taking the challenge:

I can't believe I even did this, since I hate labels!

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Michael Rivers said...

Dang. I've never Twittered so I guess I can't do this!

John said...

@Michael, you should sign up for Twitter. For one, all the names are getting taken, so if there's a name you want, sign up sooner rather than later!

I don't use it much, but let me tell you a secret. This quiz was posted by someone on twitter and that's how I found it to use as blog content!

I have also got several good ideas in the past for blog posts--based on what people were twittering about!

It's not just about sending tweets saying what you're doing. People also share all kinds of this! Great for us bloggers!

Mary Ellen said...

Oh yikes!

I don't twitter...don't even know how, so I can't take the test. Although I'm not sure how it would come out because nuns are just plain asexual. ;-)

Hey, I also wanted to let you know that I have another blog (no, I didn't get rid of Bad Habit, much to the dismay of all those who hate my politics). This one is very very can find it on my sidebar at the top. Just click on the name of it which is under the picture of the nun eating. Hope to see you there.

John said...

@Mary_Ellen, well Twitter does have a help section, which even includes a video tutorial. Read my previous comment, which was a reply to Michael Rivers.

I'm so excited that you have another blog! Of course, I will check it out and follow it.

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