Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to Lying Ass Tuesday

Hopefully this won't be a regular feature of this blog, but my Gosh I never realized just how much content is on the Internet about lies, and the lying liars who tell them! Sure, we've all probably told a little lie a time or two. Some people though just can't keep from lying.

One of my biggest pet peeves is to hear or read something that I know to be an out and out lie. I was raised not to lie, and I have always tried to remember that. I am constantly amazed at how some people will lie to make themselves look better in the eyes of others. Yes, I have met a few people like that over the years. I'm sure we all have, whether we realize it or not.

Sometimes the truth hurts and a lie is just easier. But it still doesn't make it right. Ultimately, it is the liar that suffers the most, for they must live with themselves knowing that they are a liar. Of course, that would only be true if such a person had a conscious.

There are even hundreds of songs about lies! I put a few of my favorites on todays blog of ten posts that deal with lying. I guess you could call it a theme for today.

Question: What do you do when you know someone is lying?

Anybody that knows me, knows I love the Filipinas!
Enjoy this great song and video by Jenniffer Kae.

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And here's a great classic song and video,
"Liar" by Queen! Enjoy!

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Larry Ohio said...

First, I give the liar the benefit of any doubt, but I usually find that is futile.

Then I give the liar multiple opportunities to tell the truth. I steer conversations in such ways as to give them chances to come clean while saving face.

Allen said...


I cannot figure out why people lie either. I mean what the heck.

Its like the other day, here in the house, someone spilled a cup of coffee on the floor and left it. I woke up to a stain on the carpet and no coffee cup to be found. So who ever did it knew they did it. When all the room mates finally got home I asked who did it. Every one of them said "I didn't do it".

I guess we have a ghost in the house that spilled the coffee and took the cup with them. ugh.


Shey said...

I totally agree! We should be careful about facts in the internet and research it carefully.

It's always better to tell the truth. Nothing is gained by lying.

Mary Ellen said...

I think it depends on the person doing the lying. If it is someone that I know is a pathological liar, I usually remain silent and roll my eyes. If that person is telling a lie about someone (not just telling a lie trying to pump himself/herself up) I will call him/her on it. The one thing I cannot tolerate is someone who is knowingly spreading lies about another person, defacing their character.

When my kids were young and knew the difference between a truth and a lie, I would hold them responsible for anything they said. If they lied to me, I would tell them that they have breached my trust and it will take a lot of work for me to gain my trust in them again. This usually made a pretty big impact on them because they knew that from that day forward (until I could trust them again) I would be checking up on them whenever they went anywhere. That was enough to embarrass any teen...having their mom check up on them when they went out.

I have little respect for those who lie on a regular basis, which is why I rarely trust any politician. They have lying down to an art form.

John said...

@Larry_Ohio, thank you for answering that question. I think you nailed it!

@Allen, well at least you and I know you don't have a coffee spilling ghost in your house! Somehow I think you are the mature one of the bunch. Somebody is definitely lying. But why? They can't own up to their own mistakes and be honest about it. That's sad. After all, nobody is perfect, but not everybody lies.

@Shey, Thank you! It's been proven that not everything on wikipedia is true, and if you look at my list of famous liars, some being writes and publishers among others, then it makes it hard to believe anything you read unless there are photos or some documented fact to prove it. But people will still lie, and even lie when they're caught lying! (See Allen's comment).

You have the best advice saying "It's always better to tell the truth. Nothing can be gained by lying." Very well put!

@Mary_Ellen, I used to be able to just roll my eyes at the pathological liars, but I eventually see just how selfish they are, and I don't sit by quietly anymore. These people need confronted in my opinion, as they have sickness and need help.

I can't stand it either for someone to spread lies to deface someone's character. But then again, how do you know whether in that case it is actually a lie?

With the exception of one local alderman, I would agree that politicians=liars, the biggest liars!

I'm surpised you didn't answer that question in the post about, who is your most despised famous liar! They don't have to be on THAT list, and I know who you would name! LOL

And it is okay to talk about "Thou shalt not bear false witness." Of course a liar doesn't know or care what that means.

Thanks for the excellent comments everyone!

Maria said...

I seldom confront a person about lying, but once I know that this person lies alot, I spend as little time as possible with him/her.

My father used to say that he told the truth because it was too difficult to remember lies and to remember who you told the lie to.

John said...

@Maria, you are stronger than me! I can only take somebody's continous lying for so long and then I must confront them or it just snowballs!

Your father was absolutely right, because one lie leads to another and you really might lose track of what exact lie you told.

My step Mom taught me not to lie and to to do so would be the most hurtful thing I could do to her.

Definitely easier just to stay truthful!

Jo said...

What a great post! I have no use for liars. Trying to deal with a liar is like herding cats. I steer clear of liars. It's like that old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

I am dealing with an office bully who is also a liar, and she's a convincing liar. But a liar's karma is that eventually they always get caught. As Walter Scott said:

"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive."

Gosh, I'm just full of quotes tonight, aren't I? *heh*

John said...

@Jo, hello! I was actually thinking of your recent post about "Not Bearing Post Witness" and was even going to a do a link back to it. So, yes I know you are ver familiar with having to deal with these liars.

I too have such a low tolerance and I don't think I would do well in a big office setting with all that goes on. I read you post about the office bully and it just reminds me so much of my friend Carol! She and all the staff just wish the bully would retire already!

It's so true...eventually the liar always gets caught and exposed.

Love your quotes *smile*

Allen said...

@ Jo, "Trying to deal with a liar is like herding cats." This is so true. I am still laughing. Love your quotes!

@ John,
"After all, nobody is perfect, but not everybody lies." This is so true, I mean when I lie I fell very bad for doing it, and tell on myself. So I quit lying so that I would stop feeling guilty.

Mishu said...

I leave the people for the judgement day.
Liars will get special reward(!) for their lying.

Yvette Kelly said...

I hate hate liars especially the ones that know that you know they are lying but think you are so stupid.

John said...

@Allen, I love the contnued discussion! I'm glad to see it!

@Mishu, That is such a great way to look at. I like that.

@Yvette_Kelly, DING DING DING! Ok, you wind the award for best comment! Exactly how I feel! I hate it, when somebody knows they are caught lying and they continue to lie and dance around the truth. It's like, HELLO, I'm not stupid!

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