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WikiAnswers - How tall was tallest sunflower recorded in IL

WikiAnswers - How tall was tallest sunflower recorded in IL

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There are several reasons why I am sharing this article. One, it is a perfect example (in my opinion) that you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet. The article does tell the height of the tallest Sunflower recorded in Illinois (if you believe it, which I don't). There is absolutely no reason that such a statement should be made on any website (or blog) that makes such claims, unless a source is provided of documentation for proof. I want to know just where in Illinois was this tallest sunflower grown? When was it grown? Who grew it? How come there is no photo of this tall sunflower mentioned in this brief article.

Two, I am more likely to believe this website, which proclaims the world's record tallest Sunflower. It also gives the location, date, photos, and much more to make it believable. And most amazingly, according to this site--the world's tallest Sunflower is shorter than the one in the above article! You be the judge.

Third, this post is a lead in to my tallest Sunflower that I have ever grown and it is in full bloom right now. My next post will be a photo of my own tall Sunflower.

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Allen said...


25 feet tall? what? I would have to see a picture of that to believe it.

My sunflower grows over 9 feet tall. I know that because my fence is 8' tall.

Cannot wait to see yours.


John said...

@Allen, I know, I just can't imagine it either! They must use a lot of fertilzer or some secret!

Remember on Gilligan's Island when the radiation made all the fruits and vegetables grow huge LOL! That's the first thing I thought of.

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