Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wildflowers on the farm

I was inspired after seeing the beautiful photos of prairie flowers at the link on the previous post, so I walked around the farm and took some of my own. As you would expect with wildflowers, there's also some weeds. In case any of you take the "Know your Wildflowers" quiz, I won't be identifying some of them.

The black bumblebees really love this variety of thistle, but we consider the plant a nuisance.

These little white flowers do pop up all over the place. I did plant the yellow ones (Rudbeckia), but won't give away their common name in case someone wants to take the quiz in the previous post.

The Rudbeckia will spread like wildfire and choke out other wildflowers, but not the wild clover. These two do make the perfect contrast though.

Here's some wild Yarrow. It too spreads like wildfire.

This is a garden variety of Yarrow that we planted a few years ago. It's great as a fresh cut flower or as a dried flower.

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Beth said...

The flowers are beautiful, all flowers are pretty, even the ones that have a bad smell, those are usually the most beautiful.

I've never seen a black bee before. Where are they commonly from?

John said...

@Beth, I agree that all flowers t are pretty and will add--even the stickery ones like the various thistles.

I'm so used to black bumble bees, I never knew they weren't all over the U.S.! Obviously they are prone to the prairie states, and probably in the south. They are a large bee. I have seen some almost as big as a ping pong ball, with a big emphasis on "almost" that big, but bigger than the rubber ball you use with playing Jacks.

Allen said...

John, those are some pretty flowers.
I wish I had a place like yours to enjoy such beauty. But I am happy that you posted them here so we all could see them. =o)

John said...

@Allen, thanks! Glad you enjoy. We are surrounded on 3 sides by soy bean fields about 4' tall. Looks really pretty (last year it was corn). I will post some of those pictures soon.

kenju said...

I lvoe the yarrow, particularly the cherry colored variety.

John said...

@kenju, that wild Yarrow is pretty and it has several shades of pink and red and lavender to magenta.

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