Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do's & Don'ts When Texting * (A repost from one of my favorite bloggers).

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ReRe said...

this was great! i think you need to do a whole list of texting etiquette!

John said...

@ReRe, thanks for commenting! I hope you will go to this nice lady's blog and comment there...and tell her you found her from that link (which she gave me her blessing).

She is like you, a funny, funny blogger. I love both your blogs!

I will crawl the search engines for texting etiquette! I don't have a QWERTY keypad on my phone, so my texting is VERY limited!

I'm turning in to a twitter addict though! When I get a new cell phone OMG I will be texting and twitterering from it!

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